Executive Board Meeting Wrap-Up

For most AVMA Convention attendees, the meeting starts on Saturday with the Opening Session (featuring Philippe Cousteau, by the way), or maybe Friday evening with the AVMF’s A Night at the Zoo event. But for most of the AVMA staff and leadership, the convention hubbub began today with the business meetings.

The Executive Board (EB) actually meets twice during the convention – they met today and will meet again on Tuesday morning (July 19) – to discuss items, provide reports and updates, and make some policy decisions. These meetings are smaller in scale than the “big ones” held in April and November, which are usually several days in length.

Today’s meeting updated the EB on how this year’s AVMA Live will be conducted, the agenda for Thursday and Friday’s House of Delegates meeting, the status of the AVMA Strategic Plan for 2012-2015, and a few other ongoing issues and activities.

Some of the discussions and outcomes that might interest members are summarized below. Please note that this “report” is preliminary and is provided in the interest of transparency, but please don’t consider this as official notification – it’s the result of me sitting in the back of the room and taking notes. For more in-depth coverage of the meeting, keep an eye on JAVMA News.

  • The EB approved a recommendation that the AVMA staff prepare a preliminary proposal to conduct a comprehensive study of the current and future US veterinary workforce supply and demand.  The proposal would define the appropriate scope, potential costs, and resources needed to conduct the study and would be provided to the Executive Board in time for its August 2011 economic strategy session. They discussed the importance of thorough validation of the data and the conclusions (and yes, they place a lot of value on that).
  • They discussed two recommendations about international veterinary specialty accreditation. One recommendation was for ABVS participation on a committee, and was postponed. The second recommendation, for participation in the formation of a working group, was approved. During the discussion, it was made clear that reciprocity was NOT implied in this process.
  • Joint AVMA/FVE (Federation of Veterinarians of Europe) position statements regarding antimicrobials, animal welfare and veterinary education were reviewed. The statements were drafted in cooperation, but there were some edits from the FVE and from the AVMA that the EB members thought they’d like more time to review and consider. Since the material isn’t time-sensitive, they opted to postpone a decision on the recommendation until their August meeting.
  • The EB approved a change to the Standards of Accreditation to make them in line with the Council on Higher Education Accreditation’s (CHEA) change in the interpretation of Eligibility Standard 9G. In a nutshell: the EB used to make approval decisions on changes to the accreditation standards (based on Council on Education recommendations), and this will no longer happen; the COE now makes the decision (using the processes described in the Policies & Procedures manual) and reports to the EB but does not seek EB approval of the changes.
  • And finally, they held the elections for new committee members (the EB elects committee members, while the House of Delegates appoints council members). The group expressed some disappointment that there are several positions which remain vacant because there were no candidates nominated for them.

Tomorrow and Friday are the House of Delegates meeting, and I’ll be tweeting (@AVMAvets) and reporting on it.

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