House of Delegates Wrap-Up (Day One)

Today was the first day of the two-day AVMA House of Delegates meeting here in St. Louis. The morning consisted of informational sessions, including updates by the House Advisory Committee, Executive Board, AVMF, AVMA Governmental Relations Division and AVMA-PAC, the AVMA 20/20 Vision Commission report presentation, the Task Force on AVMA Programs for Students & Recent Graduates, the 2012-2015 AVMA Strategic Plan, and a new pet preventive healthcare initiative.

The HOD will be considering 10 proposed bylaws amendments (there were 11, but 1 was withdrawn) and 7 resolutions. A number of the proposed bylaws amendments deal with clarification of the roles of AVMA officers, their roles in councils/committees, and the processes by which vacancies are filled. A total of 4 proposed bylaws amendments & resolutions affect AVMA governance: bylaws amendments 11 and 12, and resolutions 8 and 10.

After the lunch break, the “official” HOD meeting started. They use Parliamentary procedure, and the meeting officially began with the Pledge of Allegiance; roll call; and determination of whether or not they had a quorum, which is necessary for the decisions to be valid (and yes, they had a quorum – they need at least 40, and they had 67). They then accepted nominations for vacant council positions (elections will be held tomorrow).

They briefly read the resolutions to be considered and voted to consider several resolutions that were received after the deadline. One resolution, #5, which deals with foreign accreditation, was replaced with a substitute Resolution #5 because the wording of the original resolution was not acceptable from a legal standpoint.

The HOD separated into 5 reference committees, each of which discussed and will make a recommendation (approval, disapproval, etc.) for HOD action on the proposed bylaws amendment or resolution. The full HOD will vote on the amendments and resolutions tomorrow, after any additional discussion among the full House.

More tomorrow…check out our @AVMAvets Twitter feed for live tweets during the meeting, including the voting outcomes, and check back here later tomorrow for a wrap-up of day two.

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