House of Delegates Wrap-Up (Day Two)

Man, the HOD sure packs a lot of activity into 2 days! I posted yesterday about the first day of the HOD meeting, which included informational sessions and reference committees (of which there are 7, not the 5 I said in the previous post – oops!).

Today began with the Candidate’s Introductory Breakfast, where members announced their intention to run for election next year. Drs. Ed Smallwood and Walter Threllfall are running for AVMA Vice President to succeed Dr. Jan Strother, and Dr. Clark Fobian announced his candidacy for President. The candidates will campaign this year, and elections will be held at the July 2012 HOD meeting.

The HOD meeting began with introduction of the candidates for President-Elect. The winner will succeed Dr. Rene Carlson and will be President 2012-2013. The candidates were Dr. Gary Brown and Dr. Doug Aspros. They voted in the AM, but the winner wasn’t announced until the end of the meeting (spoiler alert: Dr. Aspros won).

Because the HOD elects members to councils, they held a number of elections for vacant council positions. Quite a few were uncontested. The elected members were announced on our Twitter feed and will be in future JAVMA News articles.

A number of international guests greeted the HOD and the SAVMA rep and Dr. Brooks (EB Chair), Dr. Marsh (Treasurer) and Dr. Carlson also addressed the HOD, but I’ll skip the summaries because I know you really want to hear about the bylaws amendments and resolutions. (For some tidbits of the presentations, check the Twitter feed.) This was Dr. Marsh’s last meeting as AVMA Treasurer, and he received a standing ovation for his service to the AVMA.

Here are the outcomes of the proposed bylaws amendments:

  • 2—Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine: amended and passed
  • 3—Role of the AVMA President and President-Elect with Councils and Committees: passed on consent agenda
  • 4—Role of the AVMA President-Elect with the Council on Education: passed on consent agenda
  • 5—Clarify Succession of President-Elect: passed on consent agenda
  • 6—Office of Immediate Past President: passed on consent agenda
  • 7—Board of Governors: passed on consent agenda
  • 8—Membership Categories: passed with 81% in favor
  • 9—Grounds for Discipline: passed
  • 10—Veterinarian’s Oath: passed on consent agenda
  • 11—Encourage the Executive Board to Send Policy Changes to the House of Delegates That Relates to Veterinary Medicine for its Consideration and Passage: withdrawn on day one of HOD mtg., submitting groups supported #12 instead
  • 12—Policy Review by House of Delegates: needed a 2/3 majority to pass, but did not get that. 55.9% voted against it.

Moving on to the resolutions, here are the outcomes:

  • 4—Guidelines for Classifying Veterinary Facilities: passed, 88% in favor
  • 5—Formation of Foreign Accreditations Task Force: the original resolution 5 (posted on our site) was replaced with a substitute Resolution 5, which was passed with 64% in favor.
  • 6—Globalization of the AVMA: not passed, with 72.5% voting against it
  • 7—Revised Policy on Free-roaming, Owned Cats: passed
  • 8—Role of the House of Delegates: did not pass, 88% voted against it
  • 9—Report of AVMA Global Activities: unanimous passage

Once the bylaws amendments and resolutions were decided, they acknowledged the HOD delegates and alternate delegates whose terms were ending; the House Advisory Committee members whose terms were ending; and the Executive Board members whose terms were ending. Drs. Corry (Immediate Past President), Brooks (EB Chair) and Scamahorn (EB member) were given standing ovations in recognition of their service to the AVMA. Drs. Mark Helfat and Chet Rawson were officially introduced as new members of the Executive Board.

Please consider these notes a “Cliff’s Notes” version of the meeting. For more in-depth coverage of the meeting and the discussions, check out the upcoming JAVMA News stories.

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