A New-Look JAVMA News

You’ve probably noticed a new look to the JAVMA News section. We hope you like it. The changes you see are the result of a lengthy redesign process that started late last year with two AVMA member focus groups that gathered to give us feedback on what JAVMA readers liked about the News section and what we could improve. 

The results of these efforts are what you see in the July 1 issue of JAVMA. We’re now using more color and a wider variety of pictures and other images to make the pages more vibrant and enticing. We’ve reduced the number of News sections to four: Issues, AVMA, Practice and Community. And we’ve changed a few other subtleties – like column widths and the fonts we use. 

Our goal was to make your JAVMA experience more enjoyable. We hope we’ve succeeded. Let us know what you think by clicking on the “Got a Comment” button above.

4 thoughts on “A New-Look JAVMA News

  1. Dr. Schmidt, I’m sorry you’re finding it difficult. Before we decided on the new font, our graphic design staff researched various fonts for readability. We consulted a staff member who has some visual challenges and she found it fine because we use extra “leading”–space between lines. We will monitor this and see whether we hear similar complaints. Thank you for letting us know.

  2. Hi Barb,
    Glad you like the new look and, yes, we have discussed going with an on-line only version of JAVMA, however surveys suggested that our members really still like having the print version. In addition, as you may know, AAHA chose a few years ago to have their journal, JAAHA, go strictly on-line. Five to six years later they have started it again in print due to member feedback. Seems odd in this electronic age that we still want our medical journals in print, but even I like my print version as I have a few minutes during the day or even on the flight to one of my meetings. Thanks for your comment though and maybe we will try it one day in the future. Thanks to AAHA for that learning experience.

  3. It may be a new look, but older eyes it’s a disaster. There is no contrast between the extremely light print and the page, and in some types of light it cannot be read. Makes it a chore to get through.


  4. The new look and readability of the redesigned JAVMA is great, but I quickly browse through the sections I’m interested in and then throw it away. Have you thought about evaluating the cost savings if you offered an online only version? I would be happy with online only, and it would save postage and printing costs. I would rather have my membership dues spent on advocacy, continuing ed, owner ed functions.
    Thanks for the opportunity to comment.