Are You Prepared for the Unexpected?

Are you prepared for the unexpected??? What if your home or office is without power?

Illinois has faced record breaking levels of power outages this summer following a series of severe storms. When the power went down for two days in Schaumburg this week at the AVMA headquarters building all of us here were reminded of the need to have business continuity plans in place AHEAD of any power outage. Thankfully implementation of contingency planning allowed for ongoing AVMA business and most of you wouldn’t be aware of our power outage if not for this blog.

On the heels of the somewhat turbulent and ongoing spring storm season we are now heading into the heart of hurricane season. Certainly those who live and work in “hurricane alley” have years of experience planning and refining their business continuity and personal preparedness plans (although no doubt there is always room for improvement). You don’t have to live in a hurricane state to be prepared for the unexpected–this week’s power outage highlighted that here in Illinois.  Have you reviewed our Disaster Preparedness for Veterinary Practices brochure recently? And along with preventive health care have you discussed basic disaster planning as found in our Saving the Whole Family brochure or video with your clients?

Remember—hurricanes can create large amounts of damage and wreak havoc! Remember–power outages can ALSO create large amounts of damage and wreak havoc! Think of the following scenario—you just received a huge vaccine shipment stored in your clinic refrigerator and now after two days without power it’s rendered useless! A little pre-planning and a generator in that scenario would go a long way towards peace of mind….Remember….Preparedness IS peace of mind!!!

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