Interim Guidance for Heartworm Treatment

Last week Merial announced that current Immiticide® (melarsomine dihydrochloride) inventories will likely be depleted over the next month due to production issues. We’ve been in contact with the American Heartworm Society who just released a white paper with an interim set of guidelines for veterinarians faced with a shortage of Immiticide® (which Merial advised could last for several weeks to months). Merial advises that if you have technical questions regarding Immiticide® or the restricted use program, please contact Merial at 1-888-637-4251, Option 3.

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4 thoughts on “Interim Guidance for Heartworm Treatment

  1. Dr. Capin, after we discussed last week, I did check in with FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine and I understand that they are currently addressing the situation. They will let us know when they have additional information to share, and I will follow up with another post at that time.

  2. @M. Patricia Capin
    Thanks for your question and concern, Dr. Capin. The FDA has utilized a “Critical Needs” program in certain situations previously, and perhaps this is one that fits the FDA’s criteria for a company to import drugs from an international source when the domestic supply is not available. Let me check with FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine for advice on your question. Thanks again.

  3. On 08/31/11 I sent the following to the FDA – vet section:

    Please advise on why we aren’t importing Immiticide from Merial’s Belgian plant in view of their inability to supply veterinarians with the drug to treat HW positive dogs with a drug manufactured here in America. This is outrageous. I work in dog rescue, and not having a reliable supply of Immiticide has essentially sentenced a bunch of dogs to a long, inactive lifestyle….and then the treatment commences.

    I served in Europe as a soldier, I went to German, British and Belgian medical treatment centers over the course of a 27 year career. Believe me, we can trust their drugs, x-rays and treatment protocols. Dogs are suffering because of the FDA’s reluctance to bring the drug to America.

    I’d like to know why and I’d like to know what part Merial has to play in what seems to be a political game to garner more profits (supply/demand), by reducing/eliminating the supply and the “reluctance” of the FDA to allow the importation of the drug from Belgium.

    I await your reply.
    Pat Capin