Complying with Waste Disposal Rules

Persistence, as they say, pays off. When you have a partner pulling on the same end of the rope, your chances of success are even greater.

Such persistence and collaboration recently helped the AVMA and the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences create another valuable resource for veterinarians looking for authoritative information about waste disposal and other environmental issues. The newly created Veterinary Compliance Assistance website, or VetCA, launched in July, and we’re happy to report that the site provides a plethora of pollution prevention and compliance assistance information for the entire veterinary profession. It’s a comprehensive resource covering all the varieties of veterinary hospital wastes, as well as all the rules that apply to them, including both federal regulations and the specific rules that apply in your state. We think it augments well the AVMA microsite, Waste Disposal by Veterinary Practices: What Goes Where? 

This resource almost didn’t see the light of day, due to a loss of funding a few years back that threatened its creation and launch. But thanks to the concerted efforts of both the AVMA and the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, VetCA is alive and well online after gaining grant funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency earlier this year.

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