Updating Your Member Profile

Updating your membership profile is too important to ignore. Your colleagues, pet owners, government agencies and the animal-health industry look to the AVMA for a complete picture of the veterinary profession: where veterinarians are working, what they are doing, which animals they are caring for and trends occurring in specialty areas. 

The information is used in ways that affect you and your practice every day, whether it’s used as the basis for funding decisions on AVMA and governmental programs, or used to help drive our federal and state advocacy efforts. Understanding who you are helps the AVMA know how to best serve you as a member. 

So please visit the AVMA Member Section of our website today to update your information, and especially your e-mail address. Doing so will go a long way toward helping us help you, and it also qualifies you for the chance to win one of two tablet computers. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

One thought on “Updating Your Member Profile

  1. I love the daily Animal Health Brief. It really keeps us up to date on what the public is hearing and reading about animal diseases and issues related to veterinary medicine. Your editors of this web page are doing a great job and providing an important service to the profession. Thank you for these efforts.