President’s Trip Log – American Association of Feline Practitioners

As President, I try to meet as many members as I can and meet with leadership at those meetings to share AVMA news, but more importantly to listen to what members have to say and answer any questions.  Last week I attended the first ever World Feline Veterinary Conference in Boston, co-sponsored by the AAFP with the International Society for Feline Medicine.  What a passionate group of people about helping cats get the care they deserve.  The Bayer/Brakke study confirmed many cats are not getting to veterinarians  because:

  •  owners don’t understand the importance of preventive care, and
  •  the trip can be stressful for some cats (and their owners).

It is the AAFP’s mission to improve the health and welfare of cats.  September is Happy Cat Month.  Watch the video at this link.  It is excellent.  The AAFP has a lot of great information on their website for veterinarians and cat owners, including how to make the trip in the carrier more tolerable, and how to make your practice more “cat friendly”.  In my own practice feline patients accounted for only 22% of our total patient visits!  If we get cats into the clinic for their check ups, the cats will definitely benefit and so will your practice.  Everyone wins.  This fits in well with the Pet Partnership for Preventive Healthcare program, especially as we begin to plan our National Economic Strategy for the future.   BTW, many feline practitioners thought we needed to see more feline medicine/surgery articles in the JAVMA.  Just offering feedback, Dr. Matushek (JAVMA Editor-inChief).

Q.  What percentage of cats do you see in your practice?

Q.  How does your practice make cats and cat owners more comfortable for their regular veterinary visits?

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