Imported Immiticide to Be Made Available in U.S.

In August, Merial announced a pending shortage of Immiticide® due to production issues. We have learned that Merial will be able to import limited quantities of Immiticide® for use in the U.S. starting in October. Additional information about the plan, including Merial’s “Dear Doctor” letter to veterinarians, can be found in the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine’s announcement which was just released today.

Merial advises that it has maintained a record of clinics that have previously indicated need for Immiticide® treatment for individual patients, but veterinarians who identify new dogs that require Immiticide® should call Customer Care at 1-888-MERIAL-1 (1-888-637-4251), option 1 to be added to the request list.

Because this Immiticide®, which is being imported from Europe, is not FDA approved and the labeling does not meet U.S. regulatory requirements, veterinarians receiving the product will be provided with and are instructed to follow the U.S package insert.

In the meantime, veterinarians faced with a shortage of Immiticide® can refer to the American Heartworm Society’s interim guidelines for management plan options during this period of Immiticide® unavailability.

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