Future Leaders Speak Out About Program

The AVMA’s Future Leaders are well into their yearlong program, and they are working hard to develop resources on leadership development for veterinarians. They are also working individually to enhance their leadership skills. We look forward to seeing the products they develop this year! They have some good things to say about their experience so far:

“The AVMA Future Leaders Program has been one of the most challenging leadership programs I have ever participated in. I am confident that the leader I am tomorrow will be a direct result of the work I am doing within the AVMA Future Leaders Program today. Finally a leadership program that facilitates and forces me to take what I have learned and ‘follow-through.’”

“The Future Leaders Program has challenged me to set ambitious goals, accomplish things I have been thinking about for quite some time now, and to generally be more INTENTIONAL with my community involvement, workplace, and professional development.”

“Shortly after being announced as a Future Leader, my professional network increased exponentially in size. I expect this trend to continue as I am invited to attend additional events throughout this year, and I am grateful for these opportunities. I am also very excited for the work our Program is conducting, as I think it will have a positive impact on the future of new graduates in our profession.”

“The opportunity to interact with the AVMA Executive Board and AVMA Staff has been an amazing opportunity. Many board members and staff have taken the time to discuss with me the challenges and opportunities within the AVMA. I look forward to working with them in the years to come.”

“The FL program has opened my eyes to my potential leadership abilities. The program has helped me identify my areas of strength as well as the areas of opportunity and the tools I need to develop myself personally and professionally. Being a part of the FL team has allowed me to network with other emerging leaders within veterinary medicine. It is these relationships, coupled with our individual growth as leaders, that will help to insure the continued expansion of organized veterinary medicine.”

“The Future Leaders Program has been wonderful in terms of feeling recognized for the commitment we have shown to leadership in veterinary medicine thus far as well as feeling like the AVMA and Pfizer are making a big investment in our further developing these skills. Additionally, because we all come from very diverse backgrounds it has been great to learn from each other as well as from ourselves as we work through the reading materials and assessment tools. I hope that the outcomes will speak for themselves as we begin to utilize the skills we are working on this year.”

“This experience has helped clearly identify my leadership strengths and weaknesses while providing great mentors to help me start addressing them immediately. The program makes me feel like I am not alone working on these skills but rather that there is an entire team with me to ensure success.”

“The Future Leaders Program has already taught me valuable leadership skills, educated me about the activities and functions of the AVMA, and paired me with like-minded individuals that understand the fundamentals of servant leadership, as I do. This program is an investment in my future with the AVMA.”

“My experience with the Future Leaders Program has been very positive so far. It has pushed us to not only think on your own, but at a whole new level. The only difficulty at this time is the time management with owning a practice, multiple committee assignments, and personal obligations. Until this experience, I felt like I had nothing to offer the AVMA in a leadership role until I was a lot older or had spent 5-10 years serving the local VMA. I extremely enjoy the AVMA structure and look forward to new endeavors with the AVMA.”

“This has been a truly great experience! The opportunity to improve my leadership skills with such a great group of leaders is truly unique. The end result of this program will be very beneficial to the AVMA, state VMA’s, and the veterinary profession. I am excited about every chance to work with this group of leaders.”

One thought on “Future Leaders Speak Out About Program

  1. Hi Future Leaders!
    Thank you for these inspiring comments. What I have learned through the years is that opportunities arise unexpectedly for all of us. If we embrace those opportunities as they come (which you have), our confidence and experience grows, which opens more doors for continued confidence and growth. We meet more people with many different perspectives. I truly believe my being willing to accept responsibilities, which I was not so sure about at the time, has led me down this path to my current leadership role in AVMA. You are already role models for those who will follow you, and you will make a great difference in your communities and for veterinary medicine. Thank you for accepting the challenge. It will enhance your professional experience, and you will be part of the solutions we need to further improve veterinary medicine for the future. You are already making a difference!