NOAH, Version 2.0

I’m sure you already know about the AVMA website overhaul, but the part that most excites me is the new Network of Animal Health (NOAH) discussions platform that will come with it. If you’re a current NOAH user, you know that the existing platform is cumbersome at best. We’ve been putting Band-Aids on the problems for the last year or so, just to keep it functioning as well as possible until the new platform is launched.

Recreating NOAH gives us an opportunity to fix what’s broken and improve on the rest. To that end, this is a great opportunity to reorganize NOAH into a more streamlined platform that makes sense to all of its participants.

Here’s an organizational scheme based on preliminary feedback, but I’d appreciate more feedback from NOAH users and potential NOAH users. One additional question I received was asking where complementary/alternative medicine fits into the organization. Please feel free to disagree/discuss, but the vast majority of the discussions on NOAH about CAM have been species-based, so I see them fitting in there.

AVMA discussions
• Issues and general (the place to interact with AVMA leadership on AVMA-specific issues)
• Convention
• Journals (discuss JAVMA News articles and manuscripts published in JAVMA or AJVR)

Clinical discussions
• Small animal medicine, surgery and welfare
• Exotic animal medicine, surgery and welfare
• Equine medicine, surgery and welfare
• Food animal medicine, surgery and welfare
• Aquatic animal medicine, surgery and welfare
• Zoo and wildlife medicine, surgery and welfare
• Other clinical discussions

Non-clinical discussions
• Practice management and economics (includes personnel management, facilities and equipment, etc.)
• Public health and environmental issues
• General non-veterinary discussions
• Funny Bone
• Life/Work balance and Wellness
• Career Paths and Transitions

Student Forum (students only)
• Clinical discussions
• Share and share alike – networking, advice, mentoring, guidance
• Stress relievers and non-veterinary topics

Questions to ponder:
1) does this scheme seem intuitive to you? Would you know where you’d go to find a certain topic or post your question/discussion about a certain topic?
2) is anything missing? I’d especially like to hear from any vets who aren’t in clinical practice to know if there are areas relevant to them that are missing in this list
3)Do the names “clinical” and “non-clinical” bother anyone or create a wrong impression for anyone? If so, please feel free to suggest alternate names.

I appreciate any feedback on this. We really want to make NOAH a better resource for members. We’ve currently got a wonderful – and very dedicated – group of users, but we hope to expand participation and make it a channel for increased member involvement in the AVMA. By helping us make sure it suits your needs, you’ll be helping yourself as well as your colleagues.  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “NOAH, Version 2.0

  1. @Ruth Beismer
    We expect it to launch with the new website, which should be early 2012. It’s an extension of the site, so to speak, so it can’t be launched earlier.