A “Dear John” Letter

Dear AVMAtv,

After a period of deep introspection, it is with mixed feelings that we write to you and tell you that our relationship has come to an end.  When we first met 3 years ago, you offered us an opportunity to provide video content for members and the general public on a platform that allowed AVMA to control the presentation and content. While maintaining a separate platform for AVMAtv served our needs well for several years, it no longer makes sense. After looking at all the possibilities, we will be dedicating more effort to developing our presence and community on YouTube.

Why?   Because YouTube offers several functions that you did not: specifically, mobile-friendly viewing/streaming; better integration with Facebook and other online media channels; and a streamlined embedding process. And, in response to feedback from teachers and advisors that many schools are blocking YouTube content, we’ve also established an AVMA channel on SchoolTube and have started the process of uploading videos.

Right now, we’re in the process of auditing all of your content to ensure that the videos we need to remain active are present (or will be present) on our YouTube and SchoolTube channels; auditing our website to replace AVMAtv links with links from YouTube; and contacting sites and individuals who refer traffic to AVMAtv and informing them of the change. We will not be posting any new videos to you – they will only be uploaded to the YouTube channel.

We’re going to let our friends know about this via social media, but wanted to make sure you knew first. Nothing’s worse than finding out first on Facebook that you’re being dumped.

We treasure the time we had together, and we will never forget you. But we owe it to you to be openly honest. Times change, we’ve changed, and we now feel that our future takes us down different paths. Really, it’s not you, it’s us. And we’ll always have Paris…

One thought on “A “Dear John” Letter

  1. No, it’s us. We’ve moved on – to newer and better technologies that better fits who we are and how we work. Veterinarians ARE on the cutting edge of science, medicine and technology, too, and AVMA is finally helping lead the way.

    Thanks AVMAtv, for helping bridge the gap.