From AVMAtv to YouTube: Making the Switch

Here at the AVMA, we’re always reviewing projects and products to see if they’re still relevant and aligned with the association’s strategic goals, and if they’re consistent with our core competencies. Is it still meeting our needs and those of our members? Have those needs changed, perhaps necessitating a new approach? 

As a result of this ongoing review, we’ve decided that AVMAtv, our online video channel, could be better than it already is. First launched in September 2008, AVMAtv offered us an opportunity to provide video content for members and the general public on a platform that allowed us to control the presentation and content. Unlike a lot of the videos you’ve seen on YouTube, all of the videos on AVMAtv were “vetted” by the AVMA to make sure the content was in line with our mission, goals and messages. 

However, times change, and the world is using video differently these days. Now that it’s been around for a while, our members and our leadership are more familiar with YouTube and more comfortable using it. While maintaining a separate platform for AVMAtv served our needs well at the time, it no longer makes sense. After looking at all the possibilities, we’ve decided to put our efforts into our YouTube channel, and we will be dedicating more effort to developing our community on YouTube

Why? Because YouTube offers several functions that AVMAtv did not: specifically, mobile-friendly viewing and streaming; better integration with Facebook and other online media channels; and a streamlined embedding process. And, in response to feedback from teachers and advisors that many schools are blocking YouTube content, we’re also establishing an AVMA channel on SchoolTube and are starting the process of uploading videos. 

We hope you’ll visit us on YouTube, that you’ll participate in the community there and that you’ll find the content relevant and useful. If you do – or even if you don’t – and if you want to suggest topics we should be covering, we urge you to let us know. Get involved. Be a part of the AVMA community on YouTube. This is your channel … your profession … and your opportunity to be a part of the “ACTION!”

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