Short on Atropine?

Over the past several weeks AVMA heard concerns from members who were unable to procure atropine for use in practice. When we received these concerns, AVMA relayed the concerns to FDA. The FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) has determined that there is indeed a shortage situation for atropine and FDA CVM has posted atropine on its newly developed website that lists animal drug shortages. Per the FDA’s website, a limited supply has been made available for distribution. The FDA also maintains a list of human-labeled drug shortages which includes chemotherapeutics and other injectable products.

The FDA reports that drug shortages are rising, and the FDA’s currently working on how shortage situations can be mitigated most efficiently. It recently released a report that provides a general status update on recent shortage situations and on some causes of those shortages, as well as FDA’s current and future plans to help mitigate drug shortages. The FDA is accepting comments through December 23, 2011.

Veterinarians are encouraged to contact the manufacturer when they believe they are seeing a drug shortage. They can also contact the FDA Communications staff directly at at or (240) 276-9300 to report it.

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