Nominations Sought for Executive Board

Are you interested in serving the AVMA and the more than 81,500 members we represent? Do you know a forward-thinker who has a desire to advance the art and science of veterinary medicine? If the answer to either question is “yes,” we encourage you or someone you support to seek nomination for a position on the AVMA Executive Board.

Two seats on the Executive Board are up for election next year, as board members Drs. Clark K. Fobian and Theodore J. Cohn will be reaching the end of their six-year stints on the board. Dr. Fobian currently serves as District VII director, which includes Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. Dr. Cohn serves as District IX director, which comprises Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Utah. All voting AVMA members in both districts recently received a letter announcing the call for nominations and other materials pertinent to the nomination process.

District residents are eligible to run for the board if they have been an AVMA member for at least the preceding five years and reside in District VII or IX. Nominations must include the nomination form, a letter from the candidate indicating a willingness to serve, a biographic summary and a brief statement of the candidate’s reasons for seeking office. The AVMA will accept nominations for district directors from a state VMA in the district or by petition of at least 50 AVMA voting members in the district.

The deadline for submitting nominations is Feb. 1, 2012. If a district has more than one nominee, the AVMA will subsequently mail a ballot to all voting members in the district.

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