Veterinary Leadership Conference

Time is running out to register for the 2012 AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference. As we tackle some of the most pressing issues we have ever faced as a profession – from veterinary economics to veterinary medical education – leadership is critical if we are to find solutions that will allow us to continue to meet our responsibilities to both animals and people. 

The AVMA VLC is one way for us to nurture and educate those who seek leadership opportunities in both veterinary practice and organized veterinary medicine. Held Jan. 6-8 in Chicago, the VLC offers you three full days of networking and workshops designed to provide you with some of the best leadership training around. It’s open to all veterinary professionals interested in learning more about leadership, team building and how the AVMA works with you – and for you. 

Please consider attending the VLC. Hundreds of your veterinary colleagues will be there. Together, we can make a difference for our profession, and the animals and people we serve.

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