Future Leaders: An update from a busy week

Earlier this week, my Future Leaders colleague, Erin Casey, posted our group’s first AVMA@work posting. Please refer to that post for background on the program and our recent meeting. 

Each of the Future Leaders brings a unique perspective to the program and I hope to share my perspective with you.  In addition to being a Future Leader, I am also president-elect of the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association. This made the Veterinary Leadership Conference (VLC) very exciting as I spent time both meeting with the Future Leaders and attending state VMA sessions. The knowledge gained from the Future Leaders Program and meetings such as the VLC has taught me many leadership skills. I hope to share, through these posts, how this knowledge has changed (and hopefully improved) my ability to lead.

I am currently at the NAVC in Orlando.  While here, I have spent time with Micah Kohles (another Future Leader) and AVMA staff.  I look forward to posting again soon and reading my colleagues’ posts.

One thought on “Future Leaders: An update from a busy week

  1. The AVMA Future Leaders Program is an outstanding example of AVMA’s efforts to embrace the future of veterinary medicine by bringing young people and young ideas into leadership early in their professional careers. Bravo to AVMA, to the Future Leaders and to our profession! We have a bright future!