Appointees Named to AVMA Governance and Member Participation Task Force

The AVMA would like to congratulate the appointees to our new Task Force on AVMA Governance and Member Participation. The 11-member body will conduct critical strategic discussions designed to review and evaluate our governance structure, including the AVMA Executive Board, House of Delegates, and each of our councils, committees, task forces, commissions and trusts. Task force members will explore each entity’s purpose and effectiveness; how entity members are appointed or elected; and the quality, outcome and satisfaction of membership involvement with each entity.

The task force members are charged with determining if the current governance structure will meet the future needs of AVMA membership, the profession and the association. They will also develop a future vision of AVMA governance that considers the qualities and attributes of governance as generally outlined by the AVMA 20/20 Vision Commission.

Task force members include Mr. Ralph Johnson, who will serve as task force chair, Mr. Richard Alampi, Dr. Sarah Babcock, Dr. Chip Beckett, Dr. Grace Bransford, Ms. Bridget Heilsberg, Dr. Adam Langer, Dr. Stacy Pritt, Dr. Kathy Reilly, Dr. Rebecca Stinson-Dixon and Dr. Lori Teller.

We would like to thank all of those who expressed interest in serving on the task force and look forward to working with the task force members as we strive to meet the current and future needs of veterinarians and the veterinary profession.

2 thoughts on “Appointees Named to AVMA Governance and Member Participation Task Force

  1. As a member of the 20/20 Vision Commission, I am very pleased to see this task force mission and the outstanding team that has been brought together to develop a future vision of AVMA Governance. Ralph Johnson will be an excellent chairman and the other members of the task force each bring unique talents and experience to the group. I very much look forward to reading their vision and recommendations.

  2. As part of the group that made these selections, I just have to say that this is really a fantastic group of individuals. We truly appreciate their willingness to help AVMA restructure for the future and we, the leadership at AVMA, have high hopes for the outcome of their efforts. I also have to say that we had a large number of extraordinary individuals who were nominated. I regret that we could not have picked all of them, but hopefully all will find future opportunities to serve AVMA and our profession. The fact that we had so many nominations for this – and other- task forces, speaks well of our members and the future of our profession.