Read a Report, Spare a Tree

Above the printers in the AVMA Communications Division is a sign that reads, “Do you REALLY need to print that document?” It’s above the paper recycling bin and right next to the sign that says, “You have legs…please use them to get more paper when the drawer is empty.

In our efforts to be more environmentally friendly (and also save money), the AVMA has dramatically reduced our internal paper use. We’re sure many of you are doing the same. After all, electronic documents are portable, searchable and convenient. Sometimes you can’t help but wonder how we were able to function before the digital age.

As the digital age progresses, we’ve also realized a growing demand for e-publication formats of our reports instead of printed or pdf-only formats. A number of our recent reports, including the AVMA 20/20 Vision Commission Report, Task Force on AVMA Programs for Students & Recent Graduates Report and the AVMA Strategic Plan 2012-2015, are available as e-pubs in at least eight e-reader-friendly formats, including formats compatible with Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Palm and Sony readers.

The latest report, AVMA’s Current Role in Global Veterinary Activities, is now also available in e-pub format. Publishing them through Smashwords allows us to set a zero price on the reports and efficiently provide them in the most popular formats. Whether you’re reading the reports on your smartphone, tablet or PC, we hope you’ll find them useful and informative.

2 thoughts on “Read a Report, Spare a Tree

  1. How about having your AVMA veterinary journals as e-editions rather than paper? That would save even more trees. Plus, it would be less expensive for you. Perhaps it would even allow you to grant access to both journals at a lower price.