Speakers Invited for 2013 AVMA Convention

As an AVMA Annual Convention attendee, have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on the other side of the lectern, being the one who presents the material instead of the one enjoying it from the audience? Well, here’s your chance. The AVMA is seeking proposals from veterinary professionals and other individuals who would like to present a session at the 2013 AVMA Annual Convention, July 20-23 in Chicago. 

We started accepting presentation proposals this month, and potential speakers can visit our convention website for more information on the process. You can also contact Patricia Kmak, AVMA speaker coordinator, via email or by phone at (800) 248-2862 Ext. 6622.

2 thoughts on “Speakers Invited for 2013 AVMA Convention

  1. Dear Ms. Kmak:

    I would like to present at the AVMA convention 2014. with the following topics.

    How to rejuvenate the Passion of the Staff through Preventive Medicine in Practice.
    ” This is evidence-based and action-driven real case story that worked in many private practices.
    Although AVMA and AAHA are advocating Preventive Medicine and promoting the education of clients
    for higher level of client compliance the outcomes are not reaching the level that we originally expected.
    Here is the key to the success of the Preventive Medicine in Action validated by many successful practice as
    it was published in DVM 360 Feb. 2013 issues.

    Henry K. Yoo DVM MSc MBA

  2. Hi Ms. Kmak

    I would like to present at the AVMA Convention in Chicago. CATalyst Council has two current initiatives-
    1. A pilot study on Cat Friendly Practice Makeover in the July 1 issue of JAVMA, and we are currently working with a larger scale (500 VCA hospitals) version collecting data points before and after.
    2. Top to Top- Partnering to Make a Difference which is working to build bridges locally between veterinarians and the shelter community. We work with ASVMAE and SAWA (Society of Animal Welfare Administrators)and I can tell you more about what other people involved with this are doing with the hope that a track or section can be developed.
    I will copy this in a regular email and hope we can connect about this.
    Thank you!