Bill of the Week – Colorado HB 1087

Colorado HB 1087 was rejected by lawmakers on Monday.  The bill would have created, within the Department of Public Safety, an on-line animal abusers registry.  The bill would have required adults convicted of cruelty to animals to register with the department and the list would have been made available to the general public on an internet web site.  The bill was voted down in committee 9-3.

The first animal abuse registry was set up in Suffolk County, New York.  Several states have considered similar registries.

What are your thoughts on animal abuser registries?  Are they a good idea?  Would an animal abuser registry help to prevent animal cruelty?  Please send us your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Bill of the Week – Colorado HB 1087

  1. Animal registry requirements would assist child welfare referrals because there is evidence that animal abusers may ,more than likely, abuse children.

    • This registry would be a horrible idea. There are too many animal right activists in this country who would use this type of list to harrass and ruin peoples lives. Anymore some places consider tartar on the teeth or a bit longer toe nail animal abuse. It’s gotten a bit over the edge if you ask me. No one wants an animal treated badly but animals some seem to get more consideration then our children do and that’s just wrong. It’s ok for a child never to see a dentist or be malnurished but heaven forbid the dog should have some tartar on it’s teeth!