Economics Committee Ready to Get Working

The AVMA’s newly formed Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee is expected to hold its first meeting this spring, kicking off an ambitious review of the many economic issues affecting veterinary medicine. The committee will advise the AVMA Executive Board as the association develops strategies to bolster the economic state of the profession.

Specifically, the committee will:

  • Recommend actions that will improve the profession’s business knowledge, acumen and financial success.
  • Review economics information and keep abreast of economic developments.
  • Recommend studies and approaches to develop data and information that are valuable to the development of effective economic strategies.
  • Recommend summit meetings and conferences for the purpose of elevating and expanding the profession’s ability to identify problems and opportunities.

Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee members include, Dr. Link Welborn, who will serve as chair, Dr. Jane Brunt, Dr. Margaret Coffey, Mr. David Gersholowitz, Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, Dr. Roger Saltman, Dr. Carin Smith, Dr. Scott Spaulding and Dr. Mike Thomas.

We would like to thank all of those who expressed interest in serving on the committee and look forward to working with the committee members.

One thought on “Economics Committee Ready to Get Working

  1. The American Dental Association is a wealth of information. They have succcessfully helped their profession pass the veterinary profession in terms of income, profit, quality of life. I would hope this committee looks to them to save time and finances in performing this task. This is the most important aspect of veterinary medicine at this point in time and will most likely remain so for another 10 years.