Bill of the Week-Hawaii SB 2504

This week’s “Bill of the Week” is Hawaii Senate Bill 2504 which places additional requirements on pet sellers. A pet seller is defined as “any person, partnership entity, or corporation who sells pets to the public or to a retail pet store.” According to the bill, a pet seller, prior to selling a cat or dog, must implant a micro-chip and spay or neuter the cat or dog. A “seller” is subject to these requirements even if they give the animal away.

 In addition, the bill requires the seller to provide a new owner with a detailed record that includes breeder information; the animal’s date of birth; date the seller received the cat or dog; breed, sex, color, and any identifying marks; and a record of all veterinary care while in the possession of the seller.

 What do you think about this legislation? Is it fair to subject a small “seller” who might sell one litter a year to the same requirements as a large scale “seller” or is that definition too broad? What about micro-chipping and sterilizing before any animal leaves their possession? Is it a good idea to require the seller to keep a detailed record of all animals they sell? I look forward to seeing your comments.

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