AVMA in Action: On Your Behalf

It has been another very busy month at the AVMA for both your volunteer leaders and AVMA staff. You can be very proud of the strategic work being done on behalf of our members and the veterinary profession. Everything we do is based on two fundamental vision statements: To make sure the AVMA engages and empowers you – our members – to be the premier authorities and leaders in veterinary medicine. And that veterinary medicine is a personally and financially rewarding profession.

These vision statements for our future are realistic and achievable, if we buy into them and actively participate in the many comprehensive short-term and long-term plans designed to get us there.

I want to personally thank you for your membership and for showing your commitment to veterinary medicine through your leadership activities and/or communicating with us, whether online through the AVMA@Work blog or NOAH, or by direct contact with AVMA leadership and staff. It is very important that we hear from you as we travel on this journey together.

Every day, we strive to fulfill what we have laid out in our strategic goals, one of which focuses squarely on national economic strategies. I’m happy to say, that much has been accomplished since we last spoke:

  • Appointees to our Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee, Task Force on Foreign School Accreditation and Task Force on Governance and Member Participation have been named.
  • AVMA is currently recruiting for the new director of our Veterinary Economics Division.
  • The AVMA Executive Board and 35 veterinary school deans met last month to discuss the critical economic issues facing veterinary medicine. (We have a second meeting planned in March.)
  • The Partnership for Preventive Pet Healthcare continues its work to educate our profession on the value of preventive care so our pets get the health care they need and deserve.
  • We are making great progress on our new website and should have it up and running in the coming months!

This has been a very busy year, with more to come. In 2011, we worked to position ourselves so that we can strengthen our economic future. Now, the heavy lifting begins. We understand the stress we are all under due to the economic conditions facing our country and our profession. We appreciate your membership and participation in our initiatives, both short-term and long-term. In order to broaden our dialogue, I ask that you help us out by making sure your membership information is up-to-date and that we have a valid email address for you. I also suggest that you follow us on Facebook and Twitter, read JAVMA News, (online or in print), contact your member representatives, and read and comment on the AVMA@Work blogs.

Being a sailor, I must end with this analogy: We must plan where we want to go, and then adjust the sails to the wind to get us there.” There will be a few calms and squalls along the way, but we can manage them if we have a plan. We know where we want to go; we have a plan and will continue to develop the plan. Our future is in our hands!

3 thoughts on “AVMA in Action: On Your Behalf

  1. I have been retired for many years now . I still receive the AVMA journal and never cease to believe how out of knowledge of current medicine one can become. I enjoyed my over 40 years with animals and a few of the people I contacted.I bet I am the only veterinarian you have had contact with that was bitten in the groin by a Siberian tiger. Happened at the Birmimgham Ala. zoo. It had become lame and eventially died of osteo prosis. The big cats were being fed only meat it not realizing that in the jungle, they ate what was in the smaller animal they killed and ate. The word got out and feeding of some of the zoo animals became changed.