February is National Pet Dental Health Month

As veterinarians, we understand the importance of good dental health in pets. But while most people get regular preventive dental care, far fewer pet owners do the same for their pets. This February, during National Pet Dental Health Month, the AVMA is reminding pet owners that bad breath can be a sign of serious health problems, and we’re hoping that you can help us spread the message. 

From an informative video offering step-by-step instruction on how to brush a pet’s teeth to a podcast on the importance of dental health for pets, the AVMA National Pet Dental Health Month webpage provides a variety of resources that you can use in your clinic and share with your clients. The National Pet Dental Health Month website also includes tips from veterinary experts on pet dental health. So let’s join together to make sure that pets get the dental care they need. Good dental health in our pets is something we can all smile about.

One thought on “February is National Pet Dental Health Month

  1. It is important to educate our clients on dental care. I wrote an article on National Veterinary Dental Health Month in a effort to get the word out. Too many of our clients still don’t understand the importance of dental care for their pets and livestock. The more we teach the more people we will educate pet parents on this all too often overlooked aspect of animal health.