Future Leaders Program: Bringing AVMA and state VMAs Closer Together

Many of us have had mentors over the years, and I myself have been fortunate to have had mentors guide me toward the path of leadership.  As part of our “toolkit,” the Future Leaders are developing a mentoring program.  Currently in the developmental stages, the goal is to have a model mentoring program that the AVMA can give to state veterinary medical associations.

To reach this goal, my future leader colleagues and I have had multiple emails and conference calls in addition to our in person meetings.  This past Wednesday, three of us future leaders, along with Dr. Kevin Dajka from AVMA, had a conference call with the executive directors of two state veterinary medical associations.  The call reinforced an idea I already knew: There are many talented individuals working on a daily basis for the good of our profession.   It was very exciting to hear all the amazing ideas flow together.  I was awed by the possibilities the can occur when the resources and knowledge of the AVMA and state VMAs are brought together.

The Future Leaders Program has given me the opportunity to expand on my involvement with my state veterinary medical association and bring in the many resources of the AVMA for the benefit of both organizations.  I can’t wait to see the results of this endeavor and hope these relationships strengthen as the Future leaders Program continues.

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