Economics Committee Off to a Busy Start

Members of the AVMA’s newly formed Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee held their first meeting earlier this month, and they really took off running. The committee’s actions resulted in the AVMA Executive Board approving a recommendation during its meeting just last week that sets the stage for a comprehensive study of the veterinary workforce. We believe that the workforce study, which will be conducted by IHS Global Insight, will help us assess the current and future supply and demand of U.S. veterinarians and veterinary services. 

The Executive Board also agreed with the economics strategy committee to name Drs. Scott Spaulding and Mike Thomas – two Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee members – to the newly formed Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges Task Force on Educational Debt. Dr. Spaulding will serve as the AVMA representative to the task force, and Dr. Thomas will serve as alternate representative. 

All of these actions are representative of the AVMA’s ongoing commitment to gauging the current state of veterinary economics and what the association can do to ensure that a career in veterinary medicine is both professionally and financially rewarding. Be sure to check our blog, JAVMA and the AVMA website for more updates as we continue to tackle one of the biggest challenges facing our profession.

2 thoughts on “Economics Committee Off to a Busy Start

  1. Is it possible to publish somewhere the committee member’s positions and backgrounds, contact info., summary of the committee’s actions and recommendations to the executive board?

    Another study? Why?

  2. Hopefully this committee will explore the veterinary workforce as it refers to a diverse workforce and one with an inclusive environment. They should model surveys after the amazing work done by Lisa Greenhill and Paige Carmichael in the veterinary school climate study. Diversity is no longer just a compliance issue or just “the right thing to do” it has become a requirement for business success as evidenced by other industries including the human medical profession. A diverse staff will attract a diverse clientele, many of whom are more then willing to invest in their pet’s well being. This committee should all have copies of the Deloitte Review , Issue 8 , 2011 that speaks to the economic need for diversity and inclusion