Under Construction…(Virtual) Hard Hat Area

You may have already noticed, but the AVMA homepage now has an “under construction” notice.  The website rebuild has been chugging along, and has now entered the phase where we are migrating thousands of pages of content to the new site in preparation for an August launch.

As a result, the homepage will not be changed daily, and only urgent/high-priority changes will be made to the website content. During this time, we’re relying on this blog, our NOAH online discussion groups, and our social media channels (including Facebook and Twitter) to provide information, news and updates.

JAVMA News will continue to be posted during this time, but in PDF format. Pet food and product recalls will be announced via Facebook and our AVMARecallWatch Twitter feed. (Remember that you don’t need to have a Twitter account to see the recalls feed there.)

We apologize if our website content “freeze” causes you any inconvenience, but it’s a necessary process and we’re absolutely sure the new website will be worth the wait.

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