Speak Up on Animal Welfare Policy

Since June 2010, animal welfare policies that are scheduled for review by the AVMA Animal Welfare Committee (AWC) have been posted on the AVMA website for member comment.

Fourteen policies are currently open for comment and these address canine devocalization, ear cropping and tail docking of dogs, castration and dehorning of cattle, and horses in urban environments, among other topics. For each policy, we’ve included a brief description of the type of information being sought, together with background information on the policy and/or its topic.

AVMA members are encouraged to read the policies and submit their comments for consideration by the AWC. Comments supported by appropriate citations from the scientific literature or verifiable practical data will be most useful for the Committee when considering action on the policies. Comments must be submitted by July 1 to be considered.

To protect our members’ privacy, comments submitted will not be made available for public review. However, a summary of comments received and the Animal Welfare Committee’s response to that input, including any action(s) taken, will be posted as information (see “Status”) after discussions concerning a policy have concluded.

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to policy that reflects your expertise and perspectives!

3 thoughts on “Speak Up on Animal Welfare Policy

  1. Humaniacs who sit in their chairs and oppose dehorning should pony up $$$$$ to pay for horn inflicted injurys and economic loss to the rancher. When it starts costing these nuts megabucks they will shut their uneducated yaps. From one raised on a cattle ranch and 22ys general practice and schooled in the ways of the OLD WEST+++MEDICINE. Go back to your video games where you can do no harm only to your eyes, or coff-up some dough for this humanitarian fund but be thinking in millions.

  2. Having practiced over 38yrs (22 general practice) and retiring with a specialty in laser surgery I am appalled at the increasing numbers of outright stupid regulations proposed & pushed for by so called DO-GOODERS. Have done multiple canine devocalization to save a family pet from euthanasia with not one,not one complication and returned the happy pet to its owner for a longer companion life just reduced in volume/pitch. Many patients out lived the owners who would have had them destroyed because of noise complaints. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

    • I recently adopted an 8 lb. toy poodle found in a parking lot who has had devocalization. To hear her try to bark is heartbreaking.Yes I am one of those (do gooders) you talk about. Nothing can justify what was done to this sweet little dog. I believe you perform devocalization in a professional way but unfortunately most devocalization is done inhumanely. The barking is important for the dogs to protect the dog and the owner.To take away natures natural ability because it annoys an owner is cruel and inhumane.I pray the practice of devocalization will be outlawed.