Welcoming International Exchange Students

As a veterinarian, you possess an abundance of skill and knowledge. Why not share some of what you know with an international veterinary exchange student who is looking for what could potentially be the experience of a lifetime in a place far from home? 

The Student American Veterinary Medical Association, in conjunction with the International Veterinary Student Association, is updating its database of U.S. veterinarians willing to host international veterinary exchange students. Their goal, simply put, is to make it easier to share the opportunities we have here in the U.S. with international students seeking more education and even a bit of adventure. 

You can share the excellence of your practice or veterinary position with a student who may not have experienced the opportunities and possibilities that you can help open up for them here. Your clients and community will admire your mentorship and outreach efforts. You can serve as a role model and possibly make a new friend for life. Chances are good that you’ll even learn a few things, as well. 

No matter how you look at it, it’s a win-win situation. Reaching out to an international veterinary exchange student will enrich your life, your outlook and your horizons, and you will make an indelible impact on the life of a veterinary student. 

Want to get involved? The process is easy. Sign up your clinic today and open your doors to an international veterinary student who will thank you for the opportunity.

One thought on “Welcoming International Exchange Students

  1. I am an ISU graduate veterinarian, now retired in Arizona after 43+ years of practice in California, Arizona and Latin America, with additional training in English/Spanish medical interpretation.
    I recently published a “Manual of English/Spanish Terminology for Veterinarians” which is a great aid for veterinarians as well as students and anybody else that has to do in one way or another with our profession. The manual is very accessible, concise, practical and easy to handle. Please feel free to contact me for additional information.

    Luis R Andrino DVM.

    AVMA Honor Roll Member
    15834 W. Diamond St.
    Goodyear, AZ 85338