New Resource for Recent Veterinary Graduates

AVMA members who have graduated in the past 5 years are invited to join the Early Career Online Community, a place for recent grads to connect with one another and receive support with issues faced during the transition from veterinary student to working veterinarian.

  • Voice concerns and receive feedback from other veterinarians that are in your shoes. Discuss topics like juggling family, friends, bills and loans, and finding a niche in veterinary medicine.
  • Learn about and influence AVMA policies, services, and programs that affect you.
  • Learn about (or suggest ideas!) for educational opportunities and options for getting more involved in organized veterinary medicine. 

Recent grads face unique challenges and the AVMA is committed to supporting new veterinarians in and away from the practice. In the coming months, the AVMA will be forming a new committee, called the Early Career Development Committee, geared towards addressing recent graduate issues, including those identified by the Online Community. 

Join the Early Career Online Community by completing this brief participation form no later than June 15, 2012, in time for our launch of the new group. You will receive an email confirmation with information about how to join the group online. We look forward to getting your fresh perspective!

5 thoughts on “New Resource for Recent Veterinary Graduates

  1. Does the avma have information on what salary level is appropriate for new grads in general practice based on the area they will be practicing? We are trying to hire a née associate and want to make sure we are offering a competitive wage.

  2. I have a new associate and was told that since she was recently a grad. that her dues for the conference in Florida is to paid through you guys. Is this true?

    • Dr. Gensel,

      Unfortunately, that is not true. However, AVMA DOES provide complimentary AVMA Convention registration for Recent Graduates (out of school less than 5 years). If the Recent Graduate veterinarian graduated in good standing with their respective Student Chapter of the AVMA (most often do), then they are elegible for one free AVMA Convention registration any time within that 5 year window after graduation. All they have to do is register online for the AVMA convention at (or give a call and ask for the Convention Division (800-925-6631) and they will be good to go. Our 2013 AVMA Annual Convention is this July 19-23 in Chicago, IL where we will be celebrating our 150th anniversary!

      I am not sure where the associate recieved the information that a conference in Florida is paid for through the AVMA, but unfortunately, that is incorrect.

      Kevin Dajka, DVM
      Director, Membership and Field Services

  3. Just a reminder, we are always accepting new members to our online community! You can disregard the June 15th deadline. That date was our official launch of the site. Please feel free to join our group by filling out the participation form and start connecting with your colleagues!