AVMA and Future Leaders Hard at Work for You

Our Future Leaders Program group is starting to arrive in Schaumburg for our last in-person meeting before our program concludes at the AVMA Convention in San Diego.  We are entering the home stretch, and along with that comes a flurry of activity to finish up our projects.  About half of our group is at the AVMA headquarters today to finish up various components of our “Leadership Toolkit.”  The rest of the group will join us tomorrow for a two day meeting.

After arriving this morning, we were given a brief tour of the AVMA headquarters.  After a few years of being involved in volunteer committees, it was really interesting to see the names, faces, and offices behing the AVMA.  Through my work with the Veterinary Leadership Conference Planning Committee and the Future Leaders Program I have had the pleasure of working with many of the AVMA staff.  They always go above and beyond to help their volunteer leaders execute their mission of serving AVMA members.  It has been quite apparent that the AVMA is hard at work, everyday, for its members.

Our Future Leader Program group is very excited about the toolkit resources that we have been developing over this past year.  We started out the year by surveying young veterinarians on many things including what resources they would want or need to further develop their leadership skills.  Based on these results we have been hard at work developing “tools” for a leaderhip toolkit that will be available to all AVMA members.  We hope that you’ll stay tuned to see the valuable resources we have for you.  All of our hard work will be rewarded as long as some of you find helpful resources that improve your leadership skills.  Your practice, your community, the AVMA, and the veterinary profession will all benefit from your efforts to improve your leadership skills.

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