AVMA Advocate: Bill & Hearing Watch

Congress continues to work on key AVMA legislative issues. GRD wants to remind AVMA members that your voice is important. Let your congressional representatives know where you stand!

H.R. 1406 – Fairness to Pet Owners Act – Legislation would require veterinarians to write a prescription at the time of prescribing a product for a companion animal, regardless of whether or not a client wishes to have their veterinarian dispense the product. AVMA urges Representatives to consider the burdensome nature of this legislation on veterinary clinics and oppose this bill. 

Fiscal Year 2013 Appropriations – Legislation would fund critical U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) programs that increase access to veterinary services; advance animal research; foster training and education of veterinarians working on the front lines to protect public and animal health; provide protection against agro-terrorism; and help secure the nation’s food supply. AVMA urges Members of Congress to support and fully fund USDA programs to protect animal and public health and the nation’s food supply. 

For a full listing of the legislation the AVMA GRD is monitoring, click here.

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