AVMA Continues Opposition to Fairness to Pet Owners Act

We continue to get requests from members for updates on the status of H.R. 1406, also known as the Fairness to Pet Owners Act. This legislation would require a veterinarian to write a prescription whether or not he or she will dispense the product. The veterinarian would also have to provide a written disclosure that clients may fill prescriptions at the veterinary clinic or at an off-site pharmacy and verify a prescription electronically or by other means consistent with applicable state law. The AVMA has longstanding policy encouraging veterinarians to write a prescription in lieu of dispensing a medication when the client requests it. We believe that H.R. 1406 is redundant and will cause undue regulatory and administrative burdens on veterinary practices. 

Thanks to our advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill – and thanks to you contacting your legislators expressing your opposition to the proposed legislation – the bill remains stalled in the House of Representatives and has yet to be introduced in the Senate. The AVMA has been actively working against the bill, and we will continue to do so in an effort to stop what we consider to be bad legislation for the veterinary profession and the pet-owning public. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at a video we recently produced that really puts the realities of the legislation into perspective. And if you haven’t already contacted your legislators expressing your opposition to the bill, please do so. Let’s keep momentum going against H.R. 1406.

3 thoughts on “AVMA Continues Opposition to Fairness to Pet Owners Act

  1. @Cindy Balzer
    Yes, Cindy, the AVMA is advocating for the veterinary community and our patients by working actively to defeat HR 1406, the Fairness to Pet Owners Act. On the other hand, there will be human pharmacists filling prescriptions for animals via veterinary prescriptions. AVMA has taken action to educate human pharmacists on how important it is to check with the prescribing veterinarian if there is ANY question about filling the prescription as written.

  2. Shouldn’t the AVMA advocate for the vet community and our patients not Walmart, Target etc??

  3. the truth about written RX is that the first thing you need to do especially on a refill is open your EMR and look under Prescriptions or medication and see what this pet is currantly on and check the dose if it is a refill. If not a refill check weight and dose and frequency unless it is a very common drug you may even hit the App to look it up. then bring up the RX form on the computer and fill in the part that is not on the auto fill then send it to the printer which is probably not in your exam room. Then get it and present it an ask the necessary questions. Then If you don’t have the warnings print automatically with the selected drug you should, then hand it to the client. We should charge for all written RX. they are not a 20 second service, and there is a lot of room for errors and liability, and the pharmasist does’nt know enough cover your behind if they were so inclined.