AVMA Governance in the 21st Century

Following a resolution adopted by the House of Delegates, the AVMA Task Force on Governance and Member Participation was appointed to review AVMA governance structure and member involvement, and to develop a vision of AVMA governance that will meet the future needs of members, the profession and the association.

The task force conducted its first meeting in April 2012. Mr. Glenn Tecker, whose book, “The Will to Govern Well,” and expertise are focused on effective association governance, was hired to work with the task force to develop the new vision. At the first meeting, task force members, recognizing that governance challenges have presented themselves to many associations, heard from several association executives about their successful work in “remodeling” governance at their own associations. Following those presentations, the task force started to develop an action plan that will fulfill the task force charge and position AVMA for successful governance as a 21st century association.

A key component identified in the task force’s plan of action is convening an AVMA Summit on Governance. Sixty individuals representing key stakeholder segments have committed to participate in the Summit July 8-9, 2012.

Another key component needed to successfully remodel our governance structure is to engage in two-way conversation with AVMA members about the task force’s work and to seek their input. During the Summit, we will use the AVMA blog to provide progress updates. These updates will also be discussed on our Twitter feed and Facebook page. AVMA members and stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide immediate feedback to the blog posts. This communication will continue after the Summit via AVMA communications vehicles such as our website, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and JAVMA.

The final meeting of the task force will be held in October to discuss the models created at the Summit and identify two or three governance models that will successfully meet the future needs of the association. A written report will be provided to the Executive Board in November, and the task force will engage the House of Delegates at their 2013 winter business meeting. During this time period, we will continue the two-way conversation with AVMA leaders, volunteers and members. The task force will then provide a formal recommendation to the Executive Board for a new governance structure.

6 thoughts on “AVMA Governance in the 21st Century

  1. @Mark Lutschaunig
    thanks Mark,

    I have gone thru the link and my questions are related to “voting” members. How does one get chosen/ elected as a voting member?

  2. @Mark Lutschaunig

    I have been trying to make sense of the voting members, how people get elected and by whom, from state hod up to presidency and it is very difficult to get concise information on this.

    could you somehow supply some additional information. state and national websites are not very specific or clear.


  3. @Greg Nutt

    Thanks for the positive feedback Greg! Please make sure you participate in the continuing feedback process throughout the summit and afterwards. Membership ideas and thoughts will be key for those of us on the Task Force!

  4. I think that this is a great idea and look forward to what the future may bring with how our orginization is governed.

    Thank you