AVMA Seeks Input on Veterinary Competencies

Did you recently receive a request from the AVMA asking you to participate in a survey to help us determine and validate the content of the Basic Clinical Sciences Examination (BCSE)? If you are one of the 15,000 AVMA members who are part of the survey pool, we would greatly appreciate your assistance in this important process.

The AVMA’s Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG) is updating the body of knowledge that forms the basis for the BCSE, which is step three in the ECFVG’s four-step certification process. We are asking you to participate in the survey to help validate important basic and clinical sciences knowledge that will be used to assess educational equivalence of veterinary graduates from non-AVMA/Council on Education-accredited schools. We want you to tell us what you think a recent veterinary student should know and what skills they should possess as they enter the veterinary profession. 

This is the second time we have sought this type of input from our members. The first survey was a highly effective tool and we expect that this one will be equally enlightening as we continue to ensure that we are asking the right questions when it comes to certification. The input from veterinarians like you is an essential element in creating tests that are fair, complete and effective. In addition, the results may help inform current discussions within the profession regarding the skills and knowledge needed by new veterinarians. So, if you did receive a survey, please take the time to provide us your input by the closing date of July 9, 2012. We thank you in advance for your thoughtful participation.

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