Receiving Drug Resale Requests?

Many of us have seen or received them…drug resale requests. Some ask for veterinarians to resell non-prescription products, and some ask for prescription drug products. It’s the latter that we’ve been hearing more about recently, in an influx of copies of complaint forms we at AVMA have received over the past few weeks. We appreciate receiving those copies so we know what our members are experiencing in their daily course of practice and so we can advocate better for our members.

Some of the top questions we get from veterinarians are “Isn’t this illegal?” and “Who’s going to stop this from happening?” Federal rules state that prescription drugs must only be used by or under the order of a veterinarian; at the state level, veterinary sales of prescription drugs outside a Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship is illegal in most states. So it’s important that the relevant federal and state agencies hear about drug issues that appear to be contrary to federal and other regulations.

Pharmacy issues are regulated and enforced at the state level, which is why it’s so important that any unlawful pharmacy-oriented practices be reported. It’s helpful to send it to the state board of pharmacy where the requesting company resides. And any time requests are made for drug resales across state lines or for large quantities, the FDA should be alerted.

Need more information on pharmacy issues and prescribing? Find AVMA’s resources on the topics for both veterinarians and pet owners.

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