AVMA Summit on Governance-Join the Conversation

The countdown continues! Two days left until the AVMA Summit on Governance. This unprecedented Summit will bring together sixty individuals representing all aspects of veterinary medicine.  The Summit participants will be organized into small groups that will work on the following:

  • Creating a common understanding of AVMA’s condition today;
  • Reviewing and refining the high level environmental scan of conditions, trends and assumptions about the future relevant to AVMA’s context;
  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each decision and work unit of AVMA’s current governance structure and process;
  • Determining a set of specifications with which any proposed governance model needs to be consistent;
  • Reviewing alternative governance models from other professional organizations to provide a common format for “model building”;
  • Developing a governance model for presentation to the entire group;
  • Assessing the advantages and disadvantages of the various models presented by the workgroup; and;
  • Reviewing AVMA’s current member engagement strategy.

At the end of the Summit, we hope to have multiple plausible governance models for further refinement by the Task Force on Governance and Member Participation.  As mentioned in a previous post, an important part of this process will involve a two-way conversation with AVMA members and stakeholders. We will be live blogging during the Summit, and seeking input about the proposed governance models after the Summit through AVMA communications vehicles such as our website, AVMA@work blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and JAVMA.  We have also set-up an email address where you can provide comments as well: AVMAGovernance@avma.org.

In the meantime, here are some questions to think about.  You can provide comments feedback directly to this blog, or send an email to the above address.  These questions will be posed to the Summit participants:

  1. AVMA’s Issues Environment: What are:
    1. Key Demographic Trends?
    2. Key Politics/Social Values Trends?
    3. Key Legislation/Regulation Trends?
    4. Key Business/Economic Climate Trends
    5. Key Technology/Science Trends
    6. Other Key Trends
  2. What three to five conditions, trends and assumptions about the future are the most significant considerations in thinking about how AVMA governance and member engagement should be organized into the future?
  3. If AVMA had no governance structure, process and culture – and we could design one from scratch that would be well suited to serve the field for the next 20 years – what would it look like?
  4. What must any governance model for AVMA “be”, “be like” or “do”?
  5. What must any model for AVMA not “be”, “be like” or “do”?

Join the conversation! We want to hear from you.  Your responses will be summarized for the Summit participants and the Task Force on Governance and Member Participation when they meet in October 2012.   Your input is appreciated, and will help the AVMA develop a governance structure that will meet the future needs of members, the profession and the association.

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