AVMA Summit on Governance: Possible Governance Structures

Just got back from a great lunch and ready to work!  The next step in the process for Summit participants is for each group to develop possible governance structures based on the design specifications developed earlier in the day.  Glenn Tecker is going through the various types of governance structures, then the groups will start to work on their own structure.  The group will have to consider the following:

  • Roles And Responsibilities: Who is it accountable to? What is it accountable for? What is it’s role in governing/policy setting? Is it responsible for defining goals to be accomplished or accomplishing those goals? How does it gather the information and knowledge it needs to make informed decisions?
  • Size and Composition: How big (number of parts) and what are the elements that comprise it? What types of representation are important – functional, geographic, segment/special interests?
  • Meeting Frequency And Focus: How frequently does the entity meet? What is its charge? What is a quorum? Can conference calls or other electronic means be used to conduct business? What kinds of issues/activities should comprise its agendas?
  • Terms And Limitations Of Office: What are the terms of office? What is the maximum length? Required interruptions in service? Chairs process if any?
  • Qualifications And Experience: What are the criteria/requirements for each position?  Are they the same or are they different for different roles?
  • Accountability And Resources: How will the entity be held accountable? To whom will it be accountable? What kind of resources will it control/have oversight for?
  • Nomination And Election: How are candidates identified/nominated/elected/appointed?
  • Membership Enfranchisement and Involvement: In what ways can members provide input to the policy and decision-making processes of the entity? How can the entity ensure that member needs are recognized and addressed?  How can members actively participate in the work of the entity? How are members informed about the work of the entity?
  • Other:

Each group will start from the following:


What are your thoughts–would love to hear from you.  Do you have a model to consider??  Comment here, or send an email to AVMAGovernance@avma.org



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