2 thoughts on “Governance Task Force Governance Models

  1. I admire the work that this task force is doing and appreciate your dedication to improving our AVMA. I think we need a strong national association to help us survive these challenging times. I know almost nothing about organizing and governing such a large group, but I hope the final outcome includes more direct member communication and participation. I think members should be allowed to vote directly on certain important issues. I think cooperation and collaboration with VIN could be a huge asset for encouraging member involvement and participation in the process.

    • Thanks Dr. Beismer!

      The Summit went very well. The participants developed 8 different models, which you will be seeing in the next couple of weeks. Please share with your colleagues and comment on the models.

      Dr. Pion from VIN was an invited participant in the Summit. We appreciated having him (and all of the other attendees) there. It was a very diverse group.