AVMA Health News Bytes: A New Mumps Strain?

An investigator in the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine is worried that a new mumps virus is spreading, and it could lead to the widespread reintroduction of the disease. The investigator, Biao He, bases his concerns on two large mumps outbreaks in 2006 and 2010 that involved thousands of confirmed cases in the Midwest and Northeast. He is concerned that the current mumps vaccine, which has been in use since 1967, may be showing signs of weakness. That’s why he and his research colleagues are producing a new mumps vaccine through genetic engineering that he says could stop the spread of the new mumps strain. For more information, contact Kat Gilmore at kygilmore@uga.edu or 706-583-5485.

2 thoughts on “AVMA Health News Bytes: A New Mumps Strain?

  1. Hi AVMA,

    Isn’t Mumps a human problem? I didn’t think cats or dogs were vulnerable, are they?

    I’m confused as to why this is posted on the AVMA site. Is it relevant to pets or vets?


    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

    • Thanks for writing. Yes, you are correct, mumps is a human disease, caused by the mumps virus, and it is not relevant per se to pets. This human disease, however, as well as many, many others, is relevant to veterinarians because many of them are heavily involved in research that is critical to human health.The research conducted by Dr. Biao He, and that of many veterinarians just like him, has helped advance developments in both animal and human health.

      AVMA Health News Bytes is designed to highlight this comparative research. It is our hope that shining light on the research advancements at our veterinary schools – whether it relates to animal health, human health or both – will help further educate the public about the many roles veterinarians play and how they are crucial to animal, human and public health.