AVMA Health News Bytes: Mutant Gut Bacteria Fights Colon Cancer

Scientists at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine have discovered a mutant form of a microbe that deals a gutsy blow to colon cancer. The bacteria halted abnormal inflammation, reduced precancerous growths and reversed the progression of severe cancerous lesions in the large intestines of mice. Some inflammation in the gut is a good thing, serving to keep the body’s immune system in disease-fighting shape. But under stress, the immune system overreacts with a cascade of inflammation-causing reactions, which can cause colon cancer. The UF researchers have demonstrated that their bacterial treatment can take on established colon cancer, possibly leading to the development of a treatment for the disease in people. For more information, contact Sarah Carey at 352-294-4242 or careys@vetmed.ufl.edu.

One thought on “AVMA Health News Bytes: Mutant Gut Bacteria Fights Colon Cancer

  1. Hi AVMA,

    I read the Florida article you linked to.

    Looks like a serious candidate treatment for inflammation issues for cats, dogs, humans, and all mammals.

    It’s good to see that it’s a harmless and beneficial bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus).

    Apparently they mutated it by removing the genes that promote inflammation.

    I read that it works by toning down the inflammation. It looks like a promising treatment for gut cancer and to reduce the chances of developing diabetes.

    Another nice thing is that it’s very inexpensive to make.

    The source article was written in June of 2012 and yours was written the following month. Has anyone followed up to see how far the testing has gone? Have there been any trials or do they intend to bring the treatment to market?

    The article stated that it may come in the form of a pill some day. It looks like all mammals might benefit from this non-toxic treatment. It’s far less dangerous than chemo. It’s less barbaric than a colectomy.

    Your article is a breath of fresh air – so full of promise.