NOAH Update: The Beta is Coming! The Beta is Coming!

For the faithful and potential NOAH users out there, we’re in the thick of the upgrade process as I type this. We officially shut the old platform down early this morning, and are in the process of migrating the existing threads onto the new platform for its anticipated launch this Wednesday.

Prior to locking the old NOAH down, I went through the list of users since the first of the year and created a spreadsheet with their names and addresses. When the new platform is up and ready for beta testing, I’ll send each of you an email with the instructions for accessing the new NOAH.

If you don’t receive an email, or if you haven’t previously used NOAH but would like to participate in the beta test (and hopefully stick around for the long term), I’m happy to include you. Just send me an email (kmay @; remove spaces to get the actual email address) to let me know, and I’ll put you on the list.

I’m really looking forward to the new platform. It’s a dramatic improvement over the old one, and I hope you’ll be as pleased with it as I am.

See you on NOAH!

2 thoughts on “NOAH Update: The Beta is Coming! The Beta is Coming!

  1. @Ruth McLeod
    I’ll happily add you to the list, Dr. McLeod. You’ll receive an email with access instructions as soon as I’m informed it’s ready to go. Thanks!