Convention Preparation: Proposed HOD Bylaws Amendments and Resolutions

We know that most of our members come to the AVMA Convention for the continuing education and may be unaware of the business meetings that also take place. The Executive Board will hold a meeting on August 1, and another meeting will take place after the convention. The AVMA House of Delegates will meet on August 2 and 3 for their Annual Session, and will be discussing and voting on two proposed bylaws amendments and eight proposed resolutions.

Here’s a list of the bylaws amendments and resolutions that will be discussed and voted on during the meeting. Members, your HOD delegates act as your representation at this meeting, so please contact your delegates if you’d like to voice your opinion on any of these amendments or resolutions. You can find your delegates by using the Leadership Lookup Tool on our website. And don’t forget that representatives from AVMA leadership will be available to talk to you on Sunday morning, during the morning break (9:30-10 a.m.) in the Exhibit Hall, if you have any questions or topics you’d like to discuss with them.

  • Bylaws amendment 3 proposes revisions to the charge and description of the AVMA Council on Research.
  • Bylaws amendment 4 proposes elimination of the office of AVMA vice president and replaces it with regional student liaison representatives. The attachment shows the proposed revisions to the bylaws.
  • Resolution 4 proposes revisions to the AVMA Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics. The attachment shows the proposed revisions.
  • Resolution 5 is a proposed policy on mitigating the public health risks that may be associated with feeding raw/undercooked animal-source protein to pets. Based on the responses to our blog post on the subject, this resolution promises to spark some lively discussion prior to the vote.
  • Resolution 6 proposes revisions to the definition of the veterinarian-client-patient relationship. The attachment provides the proposed wording of the definition.
  • Resolution 7 proposes that the AVMA endorse the American Animal Hospital Association’s diagnostic terms in electronic companion-animal health records.
  • Resolution 8 proposes that the AVMA engage proactively with pharmacy stakeholders to ensure the health and welfare of animals receiving prescription drugs dispensed by licensed pharmacists.
  • Resolution 9 proposes revisions to the AVMA’s guidelines for veterinarians and veterinary associations working with animal-control and animal-welfare organizations. The attachment shows the proposed revisions.
  • Resolution 10 proposes revisions to the AVMA’s policy on animal fighting.
  • Resolution 11 proposes revisions to the AVMA’s policy on physical restraint. 

We will be live-tweeting from the HOD meeting on our @avmavets Twitter feed, using the hashtag #avmagov, to provide up-to-the-minute information. You don’t need a Twitter account to view the feed. We’ll also post an HOD wrap-up blog post here on the AVMA@Work blog to keep you informed of the outcomes once the meeting has concluded.

2 thoughts on “Convention Preparation: Proposed HOD Bylaws Amendments and Resolutions

  1. I would expect that most long term practitioners would expect there to be at least one session devoted to the medical insurance underwriter summarily dropping the national professional organization and the subsequent diminishing importance of involvement in the AVMA for younger veterinarians. Such news comes on the heels of a 45% increase in our premium in 2012, a shock in itself. As disability and life insurance is easily procured on the open market, I suspect the AVMA will cease their exposure for all aspects of insurance for their members further shrinking their significance to the profession. Too big to fail? You might want to strike up a conversation on that topic with a few former bankers.

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