Dangers on the Road: Hot Cars, Loose Pets

We love a road trip. Whether it’s a run to the dog park, a weekend getaway or a vacation, people love to travel with their pets. Unfortunately, many pet owners don’t think about buckling up their pet, even though they don’t think twice about buckling up themselves.

That’s why, as veterinarians, our clients rely on us to remind them that pets are vulnerable when they travel and that proper restraint is critical if we are to protect our pets from injury – or even death – due to an accident on the road. We also need to remind pet owners of the dangers associated with rising temperatures in a parked vehicle and how quickly a pet left inside a parked car can succumb to the heat.

An AVMA web page, as well as two informational posters, helps you spread both of these messages to your clients, and you can download each of the posters for free. Display them in your practice; hand them out when you visit a school or the local civic center; ask the local supermarket or convenience store to post them in the window or on the door. Their messages are short and direct, but the lessons learned will go a very long way toward protecting our beloved pets.

Also, remember to educate your clients about the risk of dogs riding in the back of pickup trucks. As you know, that is especially dangerous.

2 thoughts on “Dangers on the Road: Hot Cars, Loose Pets

  1. Hi AVMA,

    Not a summer month goes by when I don’t see a poor dog or cat panicking in a locked car that is undoubtedly too hot an getting hotter fast.

    Same is true with seeing an unsecured dog either in the front seat of a pickup truck or in the bed of a pickup truck.

    Each scenario never fails to make me cringe.

    First thing I do when I see the first is to tell the store manager about the dog locked in a hot car. They don’t seem to care. Second thing I do is quickly buy some water and try to figure out how to get it to the dog.

    In the second scenario there isn’t anything I can do on the spot except hope that the driver doesn’t get in an accident and either badly injure the dog or get it killed.

    Awareness and solutions are the proper answers. I took a look at the posters and they contain effective messages.

    Your publicity here and a link to those posters is a good step in the right direction. We just need more publicity like your article.

    The only time I put my cats in the car are when I move or when I take them to the vet. Then I make sure they are secure.

    Thanx for the valuable public announcement.

    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

  2. This is a good reminder for everyone who loves to have their pets with them along their journey.But I guess its safe to bring pets with us as long as we know the safety premises in taking our pets with us along the road. 🙂 [ x3gen dot com ]