Recent Graduates, Are You Overwhelmed or Overachieving?

As our Future Leaders Program group is getting ready to finish up our year at the AVMA Convention in San Diego next week, I’ve been thinking about how far we’ve come in the last year.  It has been an amazing, challenging, and growing experience for me.  As I’m thinking about how much I’ve grown in the last year, I can’t help but see similarities to my first year in practice.

I think as recent graduates, we all face the challenge of trying to find our place in the world.  As students we spent years dreaming of graduating, finding that first job and making a difference.  Some of us dreamed of making a difference in our community, or the workplace, or our profession.  This reminded me of the start of our Future Leaders Program; we were all curious and anxious to find out how we would make a difference and find our niche.  However, as recent graduates it is  easy to get caught up with keeping your head above water in your new job.    It can be overwhelming to learn the needed technical skills, polish the medical knowledge you gained in school, learn how to positively interact with coworkers, communicate well with clients, and be a valuable asset to your practice.

So, how can you make a difference as a recent graduate?  Our group has spent the last year compiling resources and solutions to help you find the answer to this question.  We have been developing a web-based toolkit that will have numerous resources to help you succeed in your community, your workplace, and in organized veterinary medicine.  Stay tuned for this as the AVMA rolls out its new and improved website soon!  We have also been developing an exciting CE program for anyone attending the AVMA Convention in San Diego this week.  We have amazing speakers that will deliver exciting and engaging presentations that will give you tools you can leave with implement immediately.

Our first speaker is Dr. Debbye Turner Bell, veterinarian, former Miss America and television personality.  Her session is “Mark Your Territory!  How To Leave A Lasting Impression In Your Community.”   Next we have AVMA President, Dr. Rene Carlson speaking about “Simple Ways To Make Your Mark On The Future Of Our Profession.”  Finishing out the morning will be Dr. Andy Roark; a recent graduate, Dr. Roark is a practicing veterinarian, consultant and a frequent contributor to publications such as Clinician’s Brief, DVM Newsmagazine and EVT.   Dr. Roark will talk about how to drive change when you’re not the boss in his session, “Make Your Mark in Practice!  How to Drive Change When You’re Not the Boss.”  The last hour will be an interactive session where you will leave with an action plan for “How to Drive Change: The Best You Ever.”  If you’re going to be in San Diego, we’d love to see you Sunday morning at 8:00 am in room 6E!


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