6 thoughts on “TV News Broadcast: “AVMA Passes Resolution Discouraging Raw Pet Diets”

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  2. Hi AVMA,

    I’ve seen this topic on your blog before. It is always a hot button topic.

    Lots of passionate differing views on both sides of the issue – raw food vs. cooked food (usually dried and cooked food aka dry kibble).

    I clicked the link in your article above that leads to a news story and I see the same views on each side of the issue.

    I’ve seen the arguments both strongly for and strongly against feeding a cat or dog raw food.

    The issue seems to be a popular debate.

    With a lot of noise and respected authority on each opposing side, the concerned pet parent is left wondering which road to take.

    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

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  4. 1) Please check your website’s list of “possible salmonella contamination”: dry foods, pig ears, etc
    2) Once again, let’s use the lowest common denominator…and in the meantime, all people in the US: please stop buying fresh foods from any source for your family, it may kill you or at least make your grandparents and children very ill. Only buy over-processed “dead” foods for yourself, your family, and pets since you are incapable of handling perishable, fresh products. Global Corps and Cancer wins. Good job AVMA!

  5. Also please feel free to share with the board. My contacts at a major news organization are interested in this story.

    As I noted, you have opened up a smelly can of worms.

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    From: Andrew R. Bullock
    To: Mash@boah.in.gov
    Sent: Saturday, August 04, 2012 1:52 PM
    Subject: Re: AVMA Proposed petition on raw feeding

    Dr. Ash,

    It is indeed unfortunate you chose not to repy to my message.

    The AVMA is quite short sighted in their policy agendas. For example, Australia and New Zealand combined account for a pet food diet market share which is 20% of the total pet food market. “Chilled:, which is raw in US terms. They must know something AVMA does not, or they are simply doing what they believe in as consumers, and it works.

    As many pet parents now realize, any groups associated with big pet food is in your pocket. You may not understand or appreciate this, but it’s the way of the world.

    Care to change it-this we doubt?



  6. How strange Dr Hughes worries about the transmission of Salmonella from raw pet food.

    She must have ignored the study cited by AVMA which plainly states:

    “The increasing popularity of raw food diets for companion animals is another potential pet-associated source of Salmonella organisms; however, no confirmed cases of human salmonellosis have been associated with these diets.”

    “To date, there have been no published reports of salmonellosis occurring in dogs as a result of exposure to natural pet treats.”

    “To date, there has been only one published report of salmonellosis occurring in cats as a result of exposure to raw food diets. Septicemic salmonellosis was diagnosed in 2 cats that underwent necropsy at the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia (Athens, GA).”

    “To date, raw pet foods have not been associated with salmonellosis in humans; however, identification of Salmonella-contaminated food and Salmonella shedding by pets that have been fed raw food diets should raise concern.”