Thyroid Medications Recalled

We received notification today via Facebook, and have confirmed this info with the manufacturers, that Lloyd, Vedco and Clipper have recalled some thyroxine products due to an “incorrect in-process specification for blend uniformity criteria.”

We posted the info on our Facebook page, tweeted it on our AVMARecallWatch feed, and added it to our product recalls table. If you’re looking for up-to-date info on recalls, we’ve got the resources for you.

Here’s a list of the products that have been recalled:

Lloyd Thyro Tab 0.3mg in 1000 ct NDC# 11789-253-20 KB15711
Lloyd Thyro Tab 0.3mg in 120ct NDC#11789-253-10 KB15711
Lloyd Thyro Tab 1.0mg in 1000ct NDC# 11789-268-20 KB17311
Lloyd Thyro Tab 1.0mg in 120ct NDC# 11789-268-10 KB17311
Lloyd Thyro Tab 0.7mg in 1000ct NDC# 11789-257-20 KB18011
Lloyd Thyro Tab 0.7mg in 120ct NDC# 11789-257-10 KB18011
Lloyd Thyro Tab 0.2mg in 1000ct NDC# 11789-252-20 KA16611
Lloyd Thyro Tab 0.2mg in 120ct NDC# 11789-252-10 KA16611
Vedco Thyrosyn Tab 0.8mg in 1000ct NDC# 50989-204-53 KD11711, KD11711A
Vedco Thyrosyn Tab 0.3mg in 1000ct NDC# 50989-201-53 KB13611, KB13611A
Vedco Thyrosyn Tab 0.3mg in 180ct NDC# 50989-201-86 KB13611, KB13611A
Vedco Thyrosyn Tab 0.7mg in 180ct NDC# 50989-283-86 KB18011, KB18011A
Clipper Thyrozine Tab 0.3mg in 1000ct NDC# 57319-333-16 KB13611, KB13611a, KB15711
Clipper Thyrozine Tab 0.3mg in 180ct NDC# 57319-333-31 KB15711F
Clipper Thyrozine Tab 0.7mg in 1000ct NDC# 57319-337-16 KB18011
Clipper Thyrozine Tab 0.7mg in 180ct NDC# 57319-337-31 KB18011F, KB18011FA

29 thoughts on “Thyroid Medications Recalled

  1. Hi AVMA and Dr. May,

    It’s been my experience that some veterinarians will re-bottle legitimate medications with their own branding label.

    As Dr. May has stated, they work closely with the manufacturers and distributors. When they get the medications, the bottles from the manufacturers and distributors do have the lot numbers.

    Some vets put the lot numbers on their own bottles (vials, etc…) and some don’t.

    I always check the medication container for a lot number the moment it is handed to me. If it doesn’t have a lot number, I ask about it.

    Dr. May – very thoughtful of you to post a notice. Thanx. Good tip about calling the manufacturer directly if there is any question. Better safe than sorry.

    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

  2. Well this is an interesting find. My female canine is on Thyrosyn .8 blue tabs once a day, although the bottle says Thyrosin, maybe a mis spell. When im due for a refill, i ask for the quantity of my choice, therefor i do not receive my meds in a manufacture bottle. I usually buy 90 at a time which they print a standard script label, affix to the blue vet bottle. So i do not receive info like lot numbers etc. i ask for quantity of my choice, because i have blood work done periodically to make sure the thyroid is within range. Guess ill call tomorrow and have them check the lot numbers on their inventory….

    • Yes, Chris, the best thing to do would be to call the vet’s office in the AM. They will likely know the lot number of the larger bottler from which your pet’s meds were taken.

  3. I have a product called Tyro-Tab that was manufactured by Vet-A-Mix in Iowa, which seems to be a Loyd company. The problem is the product has been re-labelled for the Canadian market. The identifying info is as: Front Label – DIN:02231028 – Tyro-Tab(tm) – Levothyroxine Sodium Tablets (Repeated in french)
    Veterinary Use Only. 0.8 mg – A `VHS`logo and the words Veterinary Healthcare Solutions Inc. (A distribution company in Windsor Ontario) There is some secondary print which I take to be lot# etc: KAO6012 and below is MAR 15. Can you help me?

    • Sorry, Eric, I don’t have any info beyond what’s in the post above. Your best move would be to contact your veterinarian tomorrow. We haven’t been told if any Canadian products are affected. I would think, but I can’t be sure, that the lot number would remain the same even when relabeled (and given the similarity of your lot number to the format of the ones above, it seems likely). If that’s the case, your pet’s meds aren’t on the list.

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    • L-thyroxine is a generic name. There are .7mg tabs on the recall list, but only if they’re made by or labeled with Lloyd, Vedco or Clipper/Phoenix. If you have questions about if your pet’s meds are included in this recall, you need to check with your veterinarian.

  5. Never dispense, take or give a drug with missing lot #’s or exp dates. Sadly, knock off drugs made in Russia, china and elsewhere have flooded the market. I do not know of a mfg who’s printing machinery would not put these on the label. The Fed laws are very strict on this. Return the product drug to where you purchased it. They should have been more diligent in checking their inventory.

    • Good point. Fortunately, veterinary clinics get their medication stocks from reputable distributors that deal directly with the manufacturers and are aware of the federal laws prohibiting the sale of drugs that aren’t FDA-approved. All bottles should have the lot numbers printed on them, but some are more obvious (and easier to find) than others. Sometimes, the veterinary clinic’s prescription label covers up the lot number printed on the original label – that’s not ideal, but it’s simple human error. If the medication is dispensed in a vial with only the clinic’s label on it, that’s probably legal (prescribing and dispensing rules can vary by state) – and if your medication is in one of those vials, check with your veterinarian as to whether or not the med is affected by a recall.

  6. Just came across this about the recall and it has me concerned. My dog takes Thyroxin 0.8 and I don’t see that name on the list but how can I be sure it is okay? There is no lot # on my label either.

      • To our knowledge, only those on the list are affected by the recall. We’re not aware of any additional recalls. You should be fine.

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  9. I spoke with Sherry at Lloyd. She also told me the lot # should be at bottom right of label, but there is nothing. I initially thought the lot # came off of the bottle when my own vets label was applied. However, the original label was protected by a clear plastic film. So long & short of it is that there was no Lot No or Exp date printed on the label. My veterinarian clinic contact assures me that the product I have is not part of the recall. But I must admit, I am disturbed that the vital information regarding specific batching of product is missing from my label.

    • Wow, there was no lot number on the original label? That is odd. Your vet’s info is likely correct, because their inventory control often includes keeping track of invoices and lot numbers. So they probably know.

  10. My dachshund is on soloxin which is in just the vets own bottle with no manufacturer or lot number. I know nothing about this medication, so am I alright since it’s not Thyrosyn or Thyro Tab???

    • Soloxine is another brand that the vets are having to go to because of the recall. Soloxine is safe. My dachshund is on thyroid medication also plus I’m a practice manager at a vets office.

  11. I have Pala-Tech Canine with an expiration date of 03/15 Lot 120019. So, my GSD is fine, right?

    • The products on that list are the only ones involved, so your dog should be fine.

  12. I have a bottle of the Lloyd Thro Tab 0.2mg, NDC# 11789-252-10 but on the lable next to words LOT NO there is nothing and EXP. is also blank. Is the lot number in the bar code at the side of the label?

    • Jan, according to what we were told, the lot number should be on the lower right panel of the label. If you don’t see a lot number, contact Lloyd tomorrow at (800) 831-0004 and check with them.