AVMA’s New Website: Back and Better than Ever

We’d like to say “thank you.” Thanks for your patience during the intensive redesign process of our AVMA website. It’s been a long road, and we’re excited to announce that the new AVMA website is live and ready for your next visit. Thanks to your input, we have made significant enhancements to the website to improve your online experience. We’ve answered your calls for an AVMA website that is personalized to you and your interests, and it’s now easier than ever to find the information you need. 

The new “My AVMA” section of the website allows us to deliver content tailored exactly to your interests. In a way, it lets you create your own AVMA Home Page. Whether you’re looking for specific information about topics such as animal advocacy, veterinary education and the veterinary workforce, legislation and regulations related to veterinary medicine, personal wellness, pet ownership and animal health, practice management or practice operations, you can now personalize your website settings to receive all the latest news and updates  you need. You can also select content you’d like to see by choosing from comprehensive lists of topics dedicated to veterinary disciplines and species. All you need to do is log in to the site using your AVMA member ID and password, and choose your interests. Each time you log in thereafter, you’ll find the content you want – delivered to you as it happens. Or, you can check the “Remember Me” box from your computer and save a step the next time you visit our site. 

Another exciting addition is the AVMA Knowledge Base, a system that allows members to organize in one place the AVMA’s thousands of resources on a single topic, discipline or species, including everything from AVMA policies and press releases to backgrounders and brochures. 

The enhanced AVMA website is also home to a new-and-improved version of our NOAH Discussion Boards. Our Network of Animal Health online discussion forum allows members to network and communicate with colleagues. Stumped by a case, or looking for some additional input? Ask your colleagues. Have expertise to share? Answer a colleague’s question. Swap stories, share experiences and help each other with issues that impact your daily life. The online discussion forum is also the best place to interact with your AVMA leaders on the issues that are important to you. 

My AVMA, the Knowledge Base and NOAH are just a few highlights of the new AVMA website. You’ll also enjoy improved site navigation and search capabilities, automated links to related content, mobile-friendly display, more print-friendly pages and rotating featured content on our home page. If you haven’t already visited, we invite you to take a look today. Keep an eye out for even more improvements in the future. We’ve just entered Phase 2 of our redesign, and we should wrap everything up early next spring with even more improvements that are part of Phase 3.

4 thoughts on “AVMA’s New Website: Back and Better than Ever

  1. I have spent about more than an hour this morning looking for the link to the Veterinary Mobility Practice Act proposal and the associated place in the forum to post a question. I am frustrated with this endeavor as I don’t have hours to sort through the layers of muck to find what I needed. Here is my critique for what it’s worth…
    1- there are multiple links that say Veterinary Mobility Practice Act citing the number of the act but most of these links do not go to the wording of the act, they go to a brief about the act or the campaign to support the act. I finally went to an outside website to locate the wording. I did eventually find one link to the actual proposed act on the AVMA website but it was not easily obtained. It seems there are too many links that link to too many layers of items and a lot of repeat links with different wording but that go to the same page.
    2- I decided to post on the forum regarding the mobility act, surely there would be one… I did find a forum through the main search engine, a short forum, and made a posting, but after some effort. I use VIN all the time and can almost always find what I need in a hurry, perhaps the AVMA search of forms should be modeled after VIN?
    3- I would like to see a link on nearly every page where we can contact our AVMA reps or the website gurus to ask a question about a “hot” topic or report a frustration with a link. If you want to get us involved and keep us involved, it needs to be easy and fast.
    Your website has improved, and I know you have a huge amount on information to manage. I hope you you can make it more organized so it is faster to use.
    Dr. Terezie Stanberry

  2. I (only) use the AVMA website from home because my membership card with my user ID is pinned to the bulletin board above my computer. I don’t carry my card (nor lots of other such cards from my various organizations) in my wallet. I am pleased that AVMA recently allows us to select our own password. That gets us half-way to where we need to be. We need also to be able to select our own user ID. I’m sorry, but I am unable to remember my AVMA user ID and therefore don’t use the website when away from home. Please move into the modern digital world and allow us to select our own user ID. (I note also that the American College of Veterinary Pathologists’ website still requires specific user id and passwords not selected by members. Perhaps they are using the same web development company as AVMA.)

  3. Display of the page is not supported by all web browsers. Updated versions of browsers are required. This may not seem like a big issue, but I am unable to view the web site on some computers that do not allow me to update the browser.

    • Thanks for letting us know about your issue, Dr. Weinstock. I’m sorry that you’ve been having difficulty with this. If you can provide any details about what browser versions you are working with, or any specific pages that have caused you difficulty, that would be helpful as we continue to work on improvements to the website.

      In designing and testing out the site, we did look at it (and continue to do so) in a wide range of browsers and operating systems, including older browser versions. It’s very difficult, though, to ensure that all pages will view well in all versions of the many browsers that are available, so we inevitably have had to make decisions about where to focus our efforts. In doing this, we’ve used our website analytics and research that we’ve done with members to determine what sorts of technology, including browsers and operating systems, they use.

      But there’s always room for improvement. If you’re having problems with specific browsers (or versions), or on specific pages, any details that you can provide will help us work to make your experience better. The “Contact Us” form on the website has an option to ask or send information about the site, and I encourage anyone having difficulty to let us know the details so we can investigate. You also can email additional details directly to our Online Services team at avmaonline @ avma.org.